Our jetski equipment is performance ready and each personal watercraft or ATV is clean and well maintained for safety, we provide the 2 or 3 seater Yamaha brand wave runners as they are high output reliable and fast, models are the Yamaha Ex model cruisier, the Yamaha SHO ( super high output) models and the Yamaha HO ( high output).

Three Person Jetski Pricing

– 2 Hours: $85/h
– 4 Hours: $80/h
– 6 Hours: $75/h
– 8 Hours: $70/h
– Peak Pricing: +$10/h

Each booking requires a $500 security deposit and a $99 booking fee as well as the jetski or ATV fee. Once you book the jetski or ATV the booking fee turns into the pickup and drop off fee upon arrival of the equipment which is $99, which is due at the time of payment.

However, if you cancel the booking / reservation then the pickup and drop off fees reverts back to the booking fee and you will forfeit that $99 booking fee and you receive only your $500 deposit back and your jetski fee.

If you go forward with your rental, once the motorcraft is returned, you’ll receive your $500 security deposit back.

Please see our rental agreement for a full list of details.


Jetski & ATV Rentals
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